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Family Ski Holidays

Young Children

See ESF rates

Full day with meal € 33.00
1 session Sat or Sun € 
6 x 1/2 day sessions € 149.00


Babies 3 months - 3 yrs

The best option is to bring Granny/Aunty/God mum to the chalet to help with the care of any little ones in the chalet, that's if you want to ski of course! If that is not possible here are suggested solutions:

Municipal creche

There is a local government crèche/nursery in Les Houches that can accept babies from 3 months. However places are very limited and whilst they advise early booking there is no facility to do so and they ask parents to telephone the week before to see if there is a place available. Sometimes it can work very well, other times there is no space therefore sad it is to say its probably not an option to be relied upon! Best to contact them direct (or we'll do it on your behalf) Tel: 0033 (0) 45054 4819

Alpine Nannies

We can help you locate a private nanny to join your ski holiday! See